ANDEY RANDEAD is a 50-year-old entrepreneur who has extensive experience in dealing with people. He has interviewed hundreds of women about their true thoughts, feelings, and expectations about men, relationships, and marriage. Contrary to popular belief, he is happily married and loves women. He started his first business when he was 18 and quickly built it into a multi-million dollar enterprise whose workforce totaled over 80 people. Selling that initial venture launched him into the world of business where he proceeded to develop many other business and real estate ventures. He has employed over 300 people in his career and has personally dealt with each and every one of them. Andey always employed an open-door policy with his employees, which opened his eyes when dealing with their personal problems.

For several years and while running his personal empire, Andey was a professional negotiator for companies negotiating major contracts. His education, for the most part, was not a formal one, gaining most of it at the school of Hard Knox. Most of his experience comes from "hands on" dealings with people at all levels. He is a street-smart no-nonsense guy who has learned, through experience, how to cut through the facades of people and situations. His ability to see through things and cut to the basic reality of any situation has kept him at the top of his game in his business and personal ventures. He has been effectively retired since turning 45 and is enjoying the fruits of his successes. He is eager to share his learning experiences with everyone who is willing to explore unorthodox perspectives about life. He believes these perspectives are the key to getting to the truth about everything.

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