That’s why a woman comes to believe the lies she has created about her old spouse, the father of her children. They can’t deal with looking at themselves in the mirror and seeing what they have truly done and why. They themselves want to believe they’re really doing it for the good of the children. Women are great at this: getting what they want and making everyone, including themselves, believe it’s for everyone else. Another of the great female cons.


Women can’t deal with their own selfishness, so they convince themselves of things when it is convenient to do so.


Humans are animals, and in a lot of ways respond as animals do. If your dog were to shit in the middle of your living room, and you ran over and gave him a biscuit, chances are he would shit in your living room again. If, on the other hand, you went over and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, threw him outside, and didn’t feed him for a couple of days, chances are he wouldn’t shit there again. It’s basic punishment/reward. Women know this more than anyone. Once you have responded to her ultimatum or jealousy play, it’s like giving her the biscuit. She will do it again. You will be dealing with ultimatums and chasing her as she makes you jealous whenever she needs to give you a kick in the ass. Any response is a good response to her. It’s diverted whatever else you were doing and directed your attention to her. Getting your attention is the biscuit. Your getting mad is the reward. It’s attention.


Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Do you think it is coincidental that after a woman gets married, she gradually slows her sex life down and quickly gains a few pounds? Not at all. Once a woman is married and secure in her relationship and has the laws of the land on her side, she now has options. She no longer has to be so concerned about keeping you totally happy or losing you. When she was dating you, she could not risk losing you to another woman. You could just dump her and she would have no recourse, so she had to stay in shape, have sex with you often, and, God forbid, give you a blowjob every once in a while.

Now you’ve married her. She has options. Her options now are if you do dump her, she can go to a lawyer, sue your ass, and have you support her for the rest of her life. Not a bad option or back-up position. If there is any guy out there who doesn’t think that is one of the reasons every woman wants to get married, I have an ice factory in the Arctic I would like to sell you. Of course it’s not the only reason, but it is most certainly one of them.


As a guy is thoughtlessly stumbling through his relationship, consumed with thoughts of the next time he will screw her, women are thinking, “Does he really love me? Is this the one? Can he really look after me and our family? Will he commit?”
Most women believe that guys have to be guided and prodded into their future. Of course, this belief is a self-serving one, as a woman’s real interest is her own future, not his.


If a woman leaves you, there is someone else. If you are not physically abusing her and she leaves or is seriously talking about splitting up, there must be someone else. Women are creatures of options. They will not leave one guy until they know they have another one lined up. They will not go from being with someone to being alone.

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