-find out what women don't want men to know

-this is a quick easy must read book for all males
-the best $20 you'll ever spend
-get respect from your lady and keep it
-find out why you're having problems with women
-be that guy she wants, respects and chases
-tired of being outside looking in?



I just finished the book. I think I have read one book my whole life, I couldn't stay away from my computer screen to read this one. Holy shit, right on the mark. I was reading everything I could never put into words myself but always kind of suspected. Reading it confirmed it to me. This is a must read. My sons will have to read this to avoid getting screwed over the way I did. Bravo. The best 20 bucks you'll spend in your life.

John Williams


I see why this book was banned. Wow. What a difference it has made. I would have never dreamed how true your theories are. I wanted to thank you for such valuable information and insight. I'm 25 years old and currently single with no kids. I've gone through hell and back with different relationships over the past 8 years, and I realize after reading your book that it's my own damn fault. I've also come to realize that it will NEVER happen again because I will never tolerate it. Your words have lowered my tolerance because you've opened my eyes to the truth. I will take this information and utilize it with balance in my life and I truly wanted to thank you personally for contributing to a better life for me and those close to me. I will recommend this book to all the guys I know and even to some of the mature women I know as well...I would be doing a disservice to them if I didn't (best 20 bucks I've ever spent) My balls are back and here to stay! Thank you!

Ryon Weston


I never thought that spending a couple hours reading a book would change my success with women the way your book has. There is no "easy way" to getting laid. You must understand where women are coming from first. Your book was not the key to womens hearts, it was the key to their bodies. Awesome. Thank you so much. I feel as though I have been given a gift for life to getting laid pretty much at will.

Jonothan Livingston





  • How to control your life and relationship.


  • What do women really think about men and how do they strategize with each other to get what they want from them?


  • Why are women cheating as much as men?


  • Why have women become so selfish and feel so entitled?


  • How have marriage laws become so grossly unfair to men?


  • How has this led to many of the problems we now face in society?


  • Why do women push for a commitment then become unhappy once they get one?


  • Why do they lose interest in sex with you?


  • Why can they be so hard to get along with?


  • Why do they become attracted to someone else and start cheating?


  • Why is it that the better you treat them the worse they treat you?


  • Why do they blame everything on you, become resentful and angry?


  • Why do they desperately seek marriage, but become unhappy in marriage?


  • How have women shot themselves in the foot?


  • Why are men not willing to commit?


  • Why can women seem to justify anything in their own minds?


  • How to understand all of the above and protect yourself from it.


The problem with how women behave, including the widespread problem of female infidelity, has been discussed in many books. None have succeeded in explaining the true cause of many of the questions you may have about women. One phrase can explain it all. "The Great Female Con." To say it is one thing, to understand it is another. This book will explain all of the female cons, which are the root of the problems you may have with women. It will explain their true selfishness, self-righteousness, and hypocrisies.

Statistically, if you're reading this, you have a 50-50 chance that your woman is, or is thinking about, cheating on you. Why is this? How can you find out? What do you need to do to make sure it stops happening or doesn't happen to you at all? Women are great at concealing the truth about themselves and reality to men. Men usually don't have a clue because they have been conned into believing what women want men to believe, which is that women won't cheat, they love you unconditionally, that they want to only have sex with you, etc. Find out what she doesn't want you to know. If this sounds at all intriguing or familiar to you, you must get a copy of "The Great Female Con." No other book exposes women, relationships, commitment, marriage, and the problems the laws of the land have created, like this book does. It will also explain why women have become this way and how to prevent it. 

"THE GREAT FEMALE CON"  is only available in e-book PDF format.



$19.99 USD.


The link to the E-book will be in the
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